Custom/ Couture/ Commission Term Sheet 2021

Please note: there is a $1500 minimum on couture pieces. Lily Guilder Design continually participates in fashion and trunk shows around the country & has ready to wear items on lilyguilderdesign.com, Etsy, and Talkshop.live. These ready-made items are available for considerably lower prices than custom pieces.


  1. Client agrees to company policies and must review Lily Guilder couture commission concierge pack (includes past work portfolio, pricing standards, fabric palettes).  
  2. Pricing standards are for labor and design time. Fabrics, materials, and hardware are charged separately. Completely original designs are subject to a $250 pattern fee. Lily Guilder design maintains ownership of pattern. Client has exclusivity to this pattern for 180 days from shipment of piece. A client may request further or more specific event design/ fabric exclusivity subject to fees and Lily Guilder Design approval.
  3. Lily Guilder offers complimentary Zoom video consultations. After this consult, in order to proceed with the design process, there is a $250 non-refundable retainer required.  This non refundable retainer will be applied in full to the final cost of your piece and covers research, fabric swatching, design, and measurement input to get you officially in the Lily Guilder design "Bible."   If for some reason you decide not to proceed with design, this fee can be converted into a gift certificate for ready made purchases.
  4. Please note that in the Zoom consult we will complete a styling questionnaire, ask for social media handles or current photos of yourself, the client to complete a Pinterest board of inspirations, and ideally create spotify playlist. The visual and musical inspirations are extremely helpful to create the design of your dream.
  5. You will receive your commission design pack exactly one week from receipt of retainer.  This includes a 1-2 sketches with 2-3 fabric palette options.  Each option comes with a pricing estimate.  Please give feedback with any changes.  There may be additional sketches and swatching necessary to get to the ultimate design.
  6. When we have settled on the design and fabric, you will receive an invoice for a 50 % deposit, a link to take and input our measurements, these full commission terms and scope of work contract.
  7. After the deposit is received, we will create a mock-up of the design rendered in fleece. This mockup and fitting concierge pack will be shipped to you within 14 days of receiving deposit and measurements. Once it is received on your end, we schedule a fitting via zoom. Please be certain to go over the fitting concierge pack in its entirety before scheduling the zoom.
  8. When possible, a face to face fitting of the piece in final fabrics is appreciated. We can complete a piece over distance but please note that it may require shipping it back and forth to perfect and this may extend the amount of time it takes to complete your order. Lily Guilder uses Fedex ground service. Fedex ground shipping from studio to you is complimentary. The client is responsible for fees shipping the piece to the Lily Guilder studio. A tracking number is required.  When shipping a mock-up, insure for $250.  When shipping a finished or nearly finished piece, insure for full price amount.  Client assumes responsibility for these amounts if you do not insure through Fedex.
  9. Lily Guilder creates behind the scenes stories and social media posts of the process that goes into creating a couture piece. When your piece is finished you will receive studio photos of it. If you do not want your piece to be seen in social media until a certain date please be certain to discuss this with Caitlin. We love highlighting the beautiful work we create together and especially love seeing photos of you wearing it, please tag #lilyguilderdesign or send photos via text or email, thanks!
  10. Please allow 6-8 weeks for order to be completed from receipt of deposit. Depending on the level of detail and intricacy of design, it can take up to 6 months to create a custom piece.  We will determine the creation plan upon commission.
  11. Orders will not be released until paid in full.
  12. It is in the best interest of Lily Guilder Design to complete orders on or before promised date. Occasionally, orders may take longer- customer will be consulted of any time overages.
  13. Rush orders, to be completed in less than 8 weeks, will be subject to a rush fee or may need to be paid in full upon commission.
  14. Clients will receive progress reports with photo attachments. Lily Guilder Design understands the most amazing creations have often come from collaboration and encourages dialogue client. Please respond in timely matter if there is a design question presented in these progress reports.
  15. Anything less than complete satisfaction with the finished product will result in a process review on a case- by – case basis. Adjustments and alterations are considered legitimate within 2 weeks of your receiving your order and are sometimes subject to an hourly fee.
  16. Lily Guilder Design garments are made to last. Please follow specific care instructions as outlined for your special piece by Lily Guilder Design. General direction is hand wash, line dry but each fabric and design is unique. If unsure, CALL 847-942-1965 BEFORE treating the garment.   We have laundering services if you want to send it to us for cleaning and up keep.
  17. Lily Guilder works exclusively with faux fur and pleather. We do not work with real leather or fur. No exceptions.
  18. Lily Guilder Design will consider payment plans as an option for commissioned work.  Pieces must be paid for in full before they are released. All past plans must be paid in full before consultation on new pieces.
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