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Creating a custom coat or head to toe look is an collaborative artistic process that takes a considerable investment of time and resources.  People have busy lives and events sneak up fast so often a lot of interest churns up right before an event or festival when it is too late to create the most fantastical piece from your imagination. 

Let's plan ahead this year to lighten the financial and time stresses to do the best work possible!  Start the process for your 2018 festival or holiday coat by Valentine's Day to participate in Lily Guilder's layaway program. Read the process and terms below and click the link to make your first payment to reserve your place in the Custom Order queue.


Jan/ Feb- INITIAL PAYMENT to schedule initial design process- choose coat style, fabrics and submit measurements.  Choose delivery and payment plan after this design process.

Payments are made in installments on the 13th of each month with delivery options in May (early Festival); July (late Festival); October (early Holiday); December (late Holiday).


-A custom coat starts at $1000.  Please review the CUSTOM ORDER link for more details on the process.

-Get a $100 credit toward your piece for every person you refer (details below).  

-Program only available to begin by Feb 14; no exceptions made.  Next layaway opportunity will be in 2019

-Initial payment goes toward the final price of garment but is non returnable in the case of contract termination.  This covers consultation and design time.

-Initial payment made through this website.  During the initial design process we will set up a customer profile on Square mobile payment where the customer chooses between autopay or manual invoice payment.  This is a simple payment process where you maintain full control over your payment details.

-Payments are non- returnable but we will credit all money you have paid less the initial payment amount toward a future purchase in the case if termination of contract.

-30 day notice of termination

-Your coat will be kept in the Lily Guilder Design studio in your personalized garment bag. It will be worked on slowly as the process moves on.  If you want to pay balance at any time to receive coat, 2 week notice necessary to allow ample time to finish the piece.

-Don't forget, we'll take $100 off your total for every person you refer (you get referral credits once new client puts down 50% deposit either in this program or through the regular custom process)  Your coat could be complimentary!!!!