Bowie You Are Beautiful Tote

Bowie You Are Beautiful Tote

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People carried my small You Are Beautiful totes created in 2007 to the grocery store for years!  Bringing the idea back to help my baby Bowie heal!!

Oversize bright yellow tote bag with Lily Guilder logo, You are Beautiful crest and energy painting of Bowie my brother Dylan Stolley created after Bowie had a spinal injury at the end of July making him unable to use his back legs.  These are sold separately for $20 to help offset some of the animal hospital bills and come complimentary with orders over $25.

Dimensions are 16 x 20 x 6 with 28" reinforced handles that fit a Lily Guilder coat inside them!

Constructed of tear resistant & water repellent 80gsm 100 % non woven soft textured polypropylene with the look and feel of cloth and have stitched seams for durability, side and bottom gussets for extra room, hemmed opening