Muse Monday!! Sarah Clanton

Sarah Clanton is this week’s MUSE Monday feature. Sarah is a singer- songwriter- cellist. Her sound is folk rock meets speakeasy.   Her long purple hair also marks her unmistakably as a mermaid rock goddess. I called her out on her mermaideness the first time we met when I also was hit over the head with styling inspiration for her. (jewel tones, metallic’s, fringe…) We bonded immediately and she has totally trusted my style ideas completely owning Lily Guilder looks.

Sarah was born in Maryland but lived many places before attending Furman University in Greenville, SC. An internship in Nashville in 2005 opened her eyes to music career beyond the orchestra pit and started a love affair with Music City. She moved here in 2014.

Sarah is excited about a lot of things right now. On May 18th, 2017 she released an EP called Middle Tree Studio Live, (available on iTunes and accompanying videos on the Youtube). Music video making is her summer focus in addition to living a balanced life. “Living a creative life is all-consuming. It’s the drive and the passion to do what I do that keeps me moving forward, but it can be exhausting. The greatest challenge is self-care, cause there is so much to do! Even good stress is stress and can take a toll on health and creativity.”

I asked Sarah what inspires her and her response was “Lily Guilder! Seriously though, I am so lucky to have Caitlin Stolley in my Nashville family, so much of my career growth has been supported and nurtured with style and support! Thank you Caitlin, YOU are beautiful!” We muse each other ;)

Nashville also inspires her, its why she moved here, to feel the magic. This town has been such a gift to her life, as it is a place where so many driven creatives flock.

Her current quest is to nurture her Patreon and Youtube pages. This summer she is releasing new music videos every Tuesday (#tunesontuesdays). Folks who subscribe to her Patreon page are getting all the videos a week before they are publicly posted on Youtube. All of her work can be found on her website

Every time I see her perform it seems she has hit a new awesome level, the future is bright for this mermaid, I imagine her career soaring to the likes of Tori Amos- Tori Amos is to the piano as Sarah Clanton is to the cello.

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