Muse Monday!! Alicia Searcy

Alicia Searcy is on a fashion mission and I am so excited to be part of it!  This week's Lily Guilder muse is in the midst of producing Fashion Is For Every Body "Boundless" runwayshow,  the non-profit organization's 2nd annual inclusive fashion show.

In Alicia's own words, "what makes Boundless unique is we feature adult models of all ages, shapes, sizes and physical abilities - including pro models -  wearing collections by Nashville’s hottest fashion designers. Our goal is to give the audience a high-fashion experience that promotes awareness and inclusion. We want our audience to eat, drink, shop the designer pop-ups and enjoy the runway show."  The show is Saturday September 9th starting at 7pm at Studio 615 and Lily Guilder design's new faux fur outerwear collection will close the show that night. Get your tickets here

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Alicia has a personal blog, Spashionista, that focuses on styling and fashion for people with disabilities.  She says, "This is the most under-served demographic and, I feel, the one that can most benefit from the transformative power of fashion in their everyday lives."

Alicia is master of mixing high and low fashion combining custom made designer pieces (often from local Nashville designers) with treasures found at Goodwill.  For my finale look we took pieces she found and pushed them through the Lily Guilder revamping lens to make a look that stands up to Alicia's innate fabulousness.

I absolutely adore Alicia.  She was one of my first Nashville champions and consistently shares her wisdom, kindness and inspiration with humor and sass.  If I see her at an event, I know I am going to have a good time!

“Tomorrow isn’t promised...if we move one grain of sand the earth is no longer exactly the same." --David Bowie  I love this quote she shared with me and will resonate on it as I move each sequin finishing my looks for the show!   Don't miss Boundless

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