Muse Monday!! Alicia Maynard


This summer I will be featuring a badass Nashville women who inspires Lily Guilder.  Although today is not technically Monday, it sure feels like one after the long weekend so I am going to start by introducing you to Alicia Maynard.  She is a woman of many talents and passions whose amazing hair and make up skills made a photo shoot in March completely next level.  She was even willing to dress up and model some looks and completely slayed it!

Alicia was born at Baptist hospital, downtown Nashville, in late January 1980.  (That makes her a Nashville Native aka a Unicorn)

She will be  hosting an art camp for kids this summer that starts a week from today.    She wants artistic kids in middle school - the ones who can't seem to fit their square peg into society's round hole - and she wants to teach them all about why their square peg is amazing!

Most of her work at the moment is commissioned, so you can see it on her Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also contact her via email about the camp (

I asked her to describe herself using 3 well known characters from literature, tv or film.  Her response was "If Marge Simpson was a mixture of Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon in Ghostbusters) and Cher from Clueless.  That's me."

She is most proud of being self-employed. She graduated from college in 2000 and all she  ever wanted to do was make art, and it took until 2013 before she was able to quit my job and do it full time. It took another 3 years to make any money at it but she stuck it out and it is beautiful to be around such an empowered talent!

She recommends reading  The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, check it out!!!

THANK YOU for being a Lily Guilder MUSE!!!!!!

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