"A Bending of Its Own Kind" Fall Dance x Lily Guilder Design

I am thrilled to be designing and creating costumes for Fall Dance's upcoming show at OzArts in Nashville.  Fall Dance is an aerial modern dance company and I first met the company a year ago (through tomorrow's muse Laurel Desmarais who choreographed a piece ) when I designed costumes for "Space is the Place."  I was a dancer before I started costuming and absolutely love creating clothing that looks amazing and helps tell the story of the piece but also is incredibly comfortable and allows for dancers to have full motion.   It is especially exciting creating costumes for a dance performance in which the dancers move beyond the floor as new design questions pop up-  How will the top look suspended 20 feet up?  Will the pants catch on the silk?

This piece is very close to choreographer Rebekah Hampton Barger as it explores her journey with pain due to an extreme scoliosis curvature that she has gracefully dealt with throughout her professional dance career.  The costumes feature inserts of silk printed with my dad Don Stolley's art and varying degrees of obfuscated shine.  When you are in pain it can be hard to let the light in or out.  Nashville, join me in viewing the world premiere of this piece on Thursday at Oz Arts.   Tickets here- http://www.ozartsnashville.org/tnt-fall-mary-mooney/

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